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The first steps of a dream: AL Language Service"

At the heart of AL Language Service lies the inspiring story of its founders, Alex Garzón and Lizbeth, two visionary Peruvians who ventured to the United States with a passion for languages and a bold vision. They arrived in the United States in search of opportunities. In the midst of their journey, they faced linguistic challenges that many immigrants know all too well.

But instead of giving up, Alex and Lizbeth committed themselves to learn, grow, and contribute to their new community. After years of study, work, and adaptation, the idea of AL Language Service was born. Alex and Lizbeth realized the need for a service that would connect people and businesses through languages in an increasingly globalized world.

With determination and experience in translation and interpretation, they founded AL Language Service. Since then, they have been building linguistic bridges in a wide range of industries, from legal and immigration processes to education and tourism.

Alex and Lizbeth’s journey is far from over. They continue to expand AL Language Service, and with each translation and interpretation, they continue to weave a global network of understanding and cooperation.

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What is our vision and mission?

"Where languages become Global Opportunities"

Working with us provides you with various benefits that will enable you to receive exclusive and effective attention, tailored to achieving the goals you have for the future.


At AL Language Service, our purpose is to build bridges through communication. Specializing in translation and interpretation in 250 languages, we simplify legal processes, immigration, education, finance, tourism, and business. We are the link that connects people and companies, offering in-person and virtual solutions from the United States.


Our vision at AL Language Service is to lead global communication without borders. We envision a future where languages are not obstacles. As leaders, we aspire to be the preferred choice for seamless communication. We innovate through technology and advanced services to make communication even more accessible. We also aim to cross geographical borders and open opportunities for individuals and businesses worldwide. At AL, we are creating a future where communication is the foundation of global success.

What are our values?

"Committed to your professional growth"

Working with us provides you with various benefits that will enable you to receive exclusive and effective attention, tailored to achieving the goals you have for the future.

Commitment to Excellence

We strive for perfection in every translation, exceeding expectations with high-quality language solutions that reflect our dedication to detail and exceptional service.

Technological Innovation

We embrace advanced technology to provide efficient and accessible language solutions, streamlining processes in both in-person and virtual settings, and staying at the forefront of linguistic evolution.

Cultural Empathy

We value cultural diversity and strive to connect through unique contexts and perspectives, ensuring that every message retains its authenticity and resonates with our audience genuinely.

Integrity and Trust

We uphold integrity in every interaction, safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. We build relationships based on mutual trust, focusing on honesty, transparency, and keeping our promises.

Our Specialists

Meet our professionals

We are a human group, united by the same values and goals, wanting to help people fulfill their dreams and grow professionally.

Morgan Frazier

Spanish Teacher

Morgan Frazier

Kaisha Keenan

English Teacher

Kaisha Keenan

Akram Goddard

Chinese Teacher

Akram Goddard